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In a changing culture, Employment Agencies are required to remain one step ahead of their competitors. The pool of major clients is unquestionably going to get smaller with merger fever and increased legislation slicing through the industry. Consequently, while there are fewer clients to go around, controllers are required to have a more significant portfolio.

Cue Personnel operates predominantly in the temporary market. Originally the staple core of the business was commercial/clerical based in the North London area. However, business has developed and evolved in a different direction, with Cue Personnel now heavily involved in the industrial staffing market. Furthermore, Cue Personnel has developed geographically, with all areas of London and beyond now covered, enabling us to consolidate and improve our service to our large client base in the region and beyond.

Our aim is to be the leaders in quality. It is of fundamental importance that all staff supplied to a client are subject to stringent qualitative measures. A person must be vetted, selected and approved before arriving at the client’s door. Furthermore, Cue Personnel is aware of all its obligations pursuant to Equal Opportunities and race Relations legislation and has sought not only to meet these requirements, but further develop its commitment to maintaining equal opportunities and good race relations. The aforementioned is essential to providing equality of opportunity for all who wish to work.

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